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Here at Fineshrine we are always searching for fresh + unique content to share with our readers, and we love diversity. Fineshrine celebrates all styles, cultures and religions in our editorial. We love sharing weddings with our readers, and believe that there is no one way to celebrate your big day.

Brides, Grooms or Vendors are welcome to send in submissions for: weddings, elopements, styled shoots, engagement parties, or pre-wedding celebrations (yep – we love a good hens/bucks weekend!)


What we look for in our Real Wedding features?

  •  Firstly, 3 very obvious (but important) things: Personality, originality and creativity!
  • Photographs + descriptions that are rich in detail.
  • A mix of 15 – 40 detailed shots, social highlights, and those winning bride and groom photographs.


How to submit

  • Email to request your submission application or fill in the form below.
  • Include a minimum of 15 photographs. Make it a mix of detailed photographs and social shots of your wedding. All images must be the work of       professional photographers.
  • Please share any known social media handles for all involved Vendors. eg. Facebook + Instagram.


Will my submission be featured?

We truly appreciate all features submitted to Fineshrine, our aim is to showcase weddings celebrated in regional and rural Australian locations.

We will respond to every submission received. Please note that not all submissions received will be featured, but you will be notified wether your submission is accepted or declined.

If you have submitted your wedding/shoot to any other media please be sure indicate this in your email.