Kaleena was destined for lifetime of romance when she fell in love with her high school sweetheart, Clayton. After enjoying a romantic and heartfelt proposal, the pair opted to plan an intimate + carefree boho beach wedding at Woodgate Beach, QLD.

On the day, thunderclouds set a striking background to Kaleena + Clayton’s meaningful ceremony. By the end of the evening, guests were dancing barefoot in the rain – creating a memorable and relaxed vibe to send off our couple. Next stop: Honeymooning in Papua New Guinea.
Oh, and their cake was Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Does it get any better?



So, tell me about your proposal?

It was on the 9th of February 2015 which was also our 7 year anniversary. I came home from work not suspecting a thing. I pulled into the driveway and noticed a big beautiful daisy on the gate entrance. I smiled and opened the gate. As I walked through to the front door I noticed more daisies, this time all over the floor and front door.  As I unlocked the door and walked inside, the song “I’m a fool for you” by John Butler Trio was playing on repeat. At this point my body felt as though there were millions of sparkles bursting inside of me.  On the kitchen table was a hand written note that said follow these instructions. Next to the note was a dinner setting for two. It was decorated with candles, flowers and old Polaroid photos of us. The instructions on the note said to be dressed and ready by 4.15pm and to meet out the front.  At 4.15pm Clayton picked me up in our yellow kombi and drove us to a nearby beach.  We arrived at the beach and walked along the sand. Clayton acted as though he spotted something interesting in the distance, and so we walked towards it.  When we got there I looked at him and laughed. It was our favourite purple blanket, some colourful pillows and a lit fire lantern.  We sat down and enjoyed some strawberries and champagne that he had in his bag pack. After some time I realized there was a bottle poking out of the sand.  I picked it up, dusted it off and read the little note that was inside. It said “Marry Me?”  My face lit up and I turned around to find Clayton on one knee with a ring smiling. I ran to him and wrapped my arms around him yelling yes. He had prepared a little sign that said “she said yes!” We took a few selfies with that and just embraced the moment.  It was definitely magical.  We went home to enjoy a meal that Clayton had prepared and made the phone calls to our family and friends.



What did you do to celebrate your up-coming vows?

I chose to spend a week in Bali with my best friend instead.  It was the greatest week filled with massages, spa days, cocktails, adventures, shopping and sightseeing.  A great alternative if you’re a bride with wanderlust.
Clayton went on a road trip to the Gold Coast with a bunch of mates. There were shenanigans on the bus, a registered pub crawl and a game of paint ball just to name a few.



During planning, what was your vision for wedding styling? 

The vision we had was an intimate, carefree, boho, beach wedding where all our friends and family could unwind and enjoy themselves.  We had whimsical seating plans, lawn games, flowers and candles.  I was very pleased with how beautiful it turned out.

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Your wedding day: Tell me all about it! 

It was a beautiful day with thunderstorms rolling in.

The bridal party was ready to drive to the ceremony when it started to lightly rain. At first I was worried and thinking of our entire guest having to stand in the rain just waiting for our arrival. But my bridesmaids re-assured me that a little rain never hurt anybody and off we went. We pulled up at the beach entrance and one by one we came out of the Kombi.  As the bridesmaids walked down to the ceremony the rain started easing off.  My mother and I then started walking and it was in that moment that the sun came through the clouds and shined down on our ceremony.  We were all smiling with relief, excitement and joy.

During our ceremony we had Clayton’s mother read our hand fasting and surprised both our mothers by having them sign as our witnesses. My favourite detail from the ceremony was the flower petal toss. It was a beautiful feeling to be barefoot in the sand, with all our friends and family smiling, whilst tossing all of these colourful petals before us.


While the bridal party was off taking photos, our guest were at the reception where we had caterers walking around with finger foods, a live band playing and a few lawn games.

The bridal party made their arrival back at the reception just before the rain started to come down heavy. We were all seated in the marquee for dinner and speeches. My youngest sister Ariana sang us a song called “When I found you” by Jasmine Rae. It was breath taking. Sometime later the rain eased of again. Clayton and I then had our first dance. We were barefoot on the dance floor holding one another so tight. Our song was “Tenerife Sea” by Ed Shereen. I remember the glowing rain drops falling on our skin and the incredible lightning show behind us. There is a beautiful quote that reminds Clayton and I of that moment. It is that “some people feel the rain and others just get wet” by Bob Marley. By the end of the night our guest were dancing barefoot in the rain and still enjoying themselves. Overall, it was a success and I have to say we are truly blessed with the amazing people around us who didn’t let the rain spoil the night.  

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At the reception we had a Polaroid photo guest book, framed photos of loved ones who couldn’t be there on the day and a doughnut tower instead of a cake.


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What advice would you give to couples planning their Big Day?

It can be quite easy to get caught up in it all but if I was to give good advice I would say to keep it simple and remember that sometimes less is more.

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Vendor Credits:

Photography: Nina Maree Photography  //  Ceremony: Woodgate Beach  //  Reception: Woodgate Beach Houses  //  Celebrant: Diane Donnarumma  //  Catering: Bundaberg Party Hire  //  Furniture + Props: Bride’s own, sourced from 2nd hand stores  //  Stationary: Vistaprint  //  Makeup: Tania Dinsey  // Hair: Katrina’s Updos  //  Florals: Lavish Flowers  //  Cake: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts  //  Wedding dress: Local Boho store  //  Bride’s shoes: Pearl Havaianas  //  Bridesmaid dresses: Coco Melody  //  Groom’s attire: Connor  //  Groomsmen’s attire: Connor  //  Music: Barlight  //  Honeymoon: Papua New Guinea  //